What We Do

We offer all or part of the garment creation process, depending on each customer’s requirements.

We start with creative design, trend analysis, fabric and trim sourcing. Our creative designers are in London every week to see customers, suppliers and monitor key retail trends.

Pattern cutting and amendment, block development and technical design is undertaken by hand and using the latest Gerber system. Our team of six pattern cutters and design assistants in Ilkley is supported by three more at our own Czech sample line.

When orders are confirmed we involve the purchasing, merchandising and logistics team at the head office who liaise closely with customers, suppliers and our factory production managers.

Fabrics and trims are base tested before purchasing and then bulk tested to our customers’ standards before production, including careful fabric management in the factory warehouse.

After our pre-production samples are sealed we go into bulk production.

In line quality checks and AQL final inspection ensures deliveries are store ready when they leave the factory warehouse, bagged and ticketed.

Our Eastern European factories are less than a week away by truck which leaves every Friday and delivers across the UK direct to customer’s warehouses on DAP terms.

In China and Vietnam we can work FOB or DDP terms including UK refinishing if required.