Sample Production

As our ladieswear business grew it became very clear that retail buyers and designers need to see samples in a matter of days.

In the early days we made our samples at partner factories. But factories like to concentrate on production. Making protos is not a priority for them when there are hungry machinists on the production line waiting for volume orders. Samples from factories can be slow.

In 2007 we opened our own Quick Response Sample Line in Prostejov, Czech Republic to support our retail customers’ requirements without putting more pressure on our factory partners.

The team are all very experienced in garment technology and high quality production with many joining us from the now demolished Odevni Podnik tailoring factory.

Managed by the amazing Alice Galickova, the Buxton Pickles Sample Line is responsible for creating around thirty beautifully finished samples every week. DHL delivers them next day to the UK.